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We nurture and empower brands

Our USP - the 3V Assurance

BXV Consulting empower brands to be visible, viable and valid

capture attention

Build and own brands that customers love 

drive growth

Grow and power your brands to new heights

create lasting value

Recruit and train a motivated and culture-fit workforce.

The Visible Assurance

capture attention

We nurture and empower brands to capture attention

Through the following services, your brand can easily attract the attention of, become relevant to and build meaningful engagement with your target audience
Brand Strategy
Communication and PR Strategy
Product Management
Website Development and Optimisation

The Viable Assurance

We nurture and empower brands to drive growth

Through the following services, we can deploy innovative digital tools and our deep knowledge of the online consumer to help businesses turn strangers to repeat customers and brand advocates.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Digital Campaigns and Advert
Content Generation and Marketing
Sales Funnel Development/Lead Generation
Drive growth

The Valid Assurance

Lasting value creation

We nurture and empower brands to create lasting value

To consistently create value for their stakeholders, brands need culture-fit, talent-aligned and purpose-driven human capital. We provide solutions that help brands get this right, through the following services.
End-to-End Recruitment
Profile Search
Corporate Training
Talent Development

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