Take guesswork and stress out of your school's marketing

Develop a digital strategy that helps you to effortlessly reach and convert prospective parents/guardians
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Why Nigerian private schools need a digital strategy

The decision on which school a child attends happens mostly in places that are far remote from the school’s marketing presence – at salons, hangouts, group and family meetings, online forums and discussion threads etc
How do you build a reputation that dominates informal discussion settings  - offline and online - and swing opinions in your school’s favour? You need an all-inclusive digital strategy, not just digital marketing services, to win in today’s complex, digital-driven culture.
You will know and optimise what is working and discard what is not. This gives you a strategy you can repeat and scale according to your strategic business objectives. 
The digital landscape is growing in complexity and without a digital strategy, you will find yourself jumping from one shining object to the next.
Influence of the digital culture is growing and there is a generational shift in parenting that schools are yet to grapple with. 
The rules guiding the digital landscape change every now and then without notice or permission. Keeping up with the pace requires access to a constantly-updated curation source.  
The biggest threat against the survival of any private school in today's digital society is not competition from other private schools - there are not even enough schools yet - it is a lack of appropriate digital strategy

Private schools' wrong approach to digital strategy

Schools find it difficult to differentiate between digital strategy and digital marketing. They equate digital strategy to mean just a few aspects of digital marketing – social media posts and adverts, ignoring other crucial supporting components needed to achieve strategic objectives.
Most Nigerian private schools perceive digital marketing to be a silver bullet, as a result of the promises made by digital marketers. This fuels an expectation that can only be achieved by a well implemented digital strategy.
Many schools have a digital facade but an analog interior. If a school’s marketing structure is compared to a car, the body is [appears to be] digital marketing while the engine still runs on principles of traditional marketing.

What your school gets from this offer

A branding toolkit that turns your school into a magnet for prospective parents.
Quarterly quick-win strategies that you can test and deploy to fast-track achievements.
Digital marketing roadmap that improves the result of your marketing.
Content marketing template for social media and blog.
Periodic audit of your digital assets to improve conversion/admission rate.
Top-notch training that improves your personnel's proficiency.
Expert advice to guide you towards achieving strategic objectives
Access to digital playbooks and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that speed up your execution and maintains quality assurance.
Trial and error can be costly and frustrating…what if you could get someone to guide and help you achieve better results?

How it works

Industry-leading tools

We provide access to premium digital tools that leading organisations rely on to achieve enviable results and reputation.

Top-notch training

We provide weekly virtual training to your in-house staff covering all aspects of maintaining a digital strategy.

One-on-One Coaching

We provide 30min forth-night consultation via virtual meeting to guide you through peculiar and specific issues.

Detailed Features

DIY Branding training and tools - set up your school to attract the right audience.
Wordpress website maintenance - quarterly audit, up to 5 new page request per year, including web hosting.
Search Engine Optimisation
Live chat for website conversion
Survey/Feedback form
Email newsletter
Social media management 
Website analytics
Testimonial/social proof
Online application management
Monthly reports and insights
Exclusive Group membership benefits:
Online group training on digital strategy, personal development marketing, and leadership
Standard Operating Procedures
30min one-on-one forth-night coaching to harness the nuggets in the reports 
50% discount on wordpress website design

Payment Plan


For the sceptics who say 'too good to be true' but still want to stake.
Approx N30,000 monthly


For those who believe in us and are ready to take a plunge.
Approx N23,000 monthly
First five (5) get free WordPress website (T&C applies)


For the doubters who want to dip a leg in the waters to test for crocs.
Approx N27,000 monthly

Terms and Conditions

This is neither a quick-fix nor done-for-you offer. It is for only those who desire to build lasting digital strategy using leading tools, cutting-edge training and one-on-one weekly coaching that we provide. 
You will go through a pre-qualification process to determine if this offer is for you before you are asked to make payment.
This offer assumes you have at least one in-house staff dedicated implementing digital transformation initiatives. If not, this offer is not for you.
This offer assumes your school’s website is (will be) built on Wordpress CMS
This offer is backed by a legally-binding contract to protect both parties.
The price is exclusive of third party services like cost of digital adverts, photography, video content production, if and when needed.
The subscription price is subject to change without notice. This is largely due to the fluctuating naira-to-dollar exchange rate.
Free Wordpress website for the first five annual plans covers up to and not more than eight (8) pages. It also does not cover domain name registration and website content generation
Termination: every subscription has to run its term before any of the party can terminate the contract

Are you ready?

To take guesswork and stress out of your school’s marketing
To effortlessly reach and convert your target audience
To improve operational effectiveness
To train your personnel to align with organisational objectives
To get way better results from same amount of input
Only 25 slots are available

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon before I start seeing results?

Our benchmark is between three to six months. But we acknowledge that some may start seeing result earlier, while some may see it later. Result may start coming in earlier than three months but definitely not later than six months.

Why is the offer this affordable?

The combined price to use these tools and access the consultancy is way beyond what an average Nigerian private school can afford. We are able to offer at a discounted price because we have special deals from the promoters of the tools that the advance payment model of this offer affords.

What if I need some training to use the tools?

Each of the tools provides documentations/video training, which you will have direct access to. In addition, we will create a platform where subscribers can submit their questions and we will answer them in the order submitted using video tutorials. We will dedicate at least three hours per week to this. 

Do you accept payment in instalment?

No. But let us know the reason you have for this and we may just consider it, if it is compelling enough.

Refund policy

We are not able to offer a refund at this time. We promise the money spent on this offer will rank as one of your best business decisions.

What if one tool stops working?

We use only stable tools with active long-term development plans. But, in the event that a tool stops working, we have you covered because for each category, we have more than one tool. Each tool is GDPR compliant, meaning that your data is safe.

Renewal Policy

Four weeks before the expiration of a subscription, we will send reminders and payment advice to the registered email address(es) and phone number(s) of subscribers. Should you choose to renew, we expect payment on or before the expiration of the current plan. If payment is not received as scheduled, we will require an explanation from you stating why we should not disconnect you. If we receive no response from you within this stated period, we shall disconnect you immediately and you will be replaced by others willing to jump in.